Access the source of real change in your life

Transform what was experienced as difficulty and struggle into a sense of wonder and freedom


Why Evolve Now?

4929686797_2632b608a5_o With Evolve Now coaching, workshops, retreats and on-line programs there is a powerful shift, away from the limitations of conditioning, and of coping, to one grounded in authenticity and boundless potential. This shift has miraculous fallout in our lives; not by changing who we are, (that never works), but by creating a new relationship with ourselves and with the life we are living.  Through this fundamental repositioning we become the agents of real and meaningful change in our own lives, and in our world!

What you will experience:

  • Freedom and satisfaction in your expression
  • Confidence in having the ability to navigate and communicate in delicate or uncomfortable situations
  • Restfulness that comes from no longer needing to perform for others
  • Dissolved or diminished anxiety in dealing with challenging circumstances or people
  • Access to more energy inspiring creativity and productivity
  • A new and playful attitude that attracts opportunities and people
  • Getting to know your essential self directly.  In doing this you will find the love, joy and deep satisfaction that is always waiting for you!

A Life Unlimited is in your hands 

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When we are rooted in living from our own innate honesty and clarity, without the need for accustomed habits and filters, our lives become truly meaning-full.  Then we find ourselves
living to openly give, to completely receive and to fully love.  What we are, what we have always been, is the true no-thing at the center of our lives and our relationships.  From this new place of rest within, we rediscover the freedom, grace and profound joy that is our birthright.


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Evolve Now!

Creating new and living concepts of success and freedom that include each participant in any venture or relationship!

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The unique foundation of Evolve Now’s work, The Dynamics Of Awakened Living©, has been developed and is facilitated by Dolphin and Susan Kasper, a mother and son team, who bring a unique depth and connectedness to the work of human evolution.  This Art is a powerful vehicle in unlocking our innate ability to cultivate more connected, meaningful and authentic lives.  Because Susan and Dolphin are themselves grounded in their own awakening, they are able to provide living knowledge of that; where it comes from, and how to master it in this life

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